CIM Canada Code of Ethics

  1. Is honest and impartial; loyal to associates, CIM | Chartered Managers Canada, employer, client, subordinates and the public and is respectful of the personal dignity of all.
  2. Applies knowledge and skill to maintain high ideals of professional integrity.
  3. Promotes the competence of, and the public regard for, the profession, by respecting the reputation of the Institute and other managers.
  4. Supports an open climate for innovation and free exchange of ideas and encourages colleagues to do the same.
  5. Promotes the principle of recognition for those whose performance make a worthwhile contribution.
  6. Neither condones nor engages in misrepresentation, unlawful practices nor brings discredit to the Institute.
  7. Fosters educational requirements in order to further the training, knowledge, and proficiency of existing and potential management.
  8. Upholds the principle of fair and impartial judgment.
  9. Consciously avoids prejudice in dealings with all persons.
  10. Acknowledges that subscribing to this code imposes a shared obligation with other professionals to maintain these standards.

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