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Founded in 1942, CIM | Chartered Managers Canada is the leading professional association in support of Canada’s Chartered Managers through certification, accreditation and professional development.  As the voice of Canada’s Chartered Managers, we provide leadership on issues affecting the management profession in Canada, increasing awareness of management as a profession.

As a chartered not-for-profit organization, the CIM operates through a Head Office and 14 Chapters across Canada, and has provided management development and certification to over 80,000 managers since its founding.

Professional Designations

The Certified in Management (C.I.M.) designation is attained by completing the 8-course Chartered Management Program (CMP) or equivalent, supplemented with 24 months of management or administrative experience, or completion of the Management Aptitude Evaluation (MAE) for graduates of NCMA Nationally Accredited Programs.

The Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation is for those with an undergraduate or graduate degree in management, supplemented with 48 months of professional-level management experience and a Management Aptitude Evaluation (MAE).  For holders of non-management undergraduate or graduate degrees, C.Mgr. can be obtained by completing the 8-course Chartered Management Program (CMP) or equivalent.

Holders of these prestigious designations support the ongoing development of the management profession by subscribing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and abiding by the Institute Code of Ethics.

Academic Programs

The Supervisory Management Program (CSM) is a 4-course introductory academic program that provides the opportunity to move into the management field.  These courses can be applied to the CMP.

The Chartered Management Program (CMP) is a rigorous 8-course academic program that provides the foundation to earn your C.I.M. or C.Mgr. designation and offers the flexibility to complete the process while developing your management and leadership skills.


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