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The Quebec Chapter of CIM | Chartered Managers Canada is our major presence in the Province of Quebec. This chapter is unique in that it provides it’s services in both English and French. Managers in Quebec need to be cognizant of the Charter of the French Language (Charte de la langue francaise) in everything they do at work. The Quebec Chapter keeps this in mind with all their communications and operations. The Chapter also provides opportunities for their mostly francophone membership to improve their ability to manage in English as well as French.

Quebec Chapter Education Partnerships

 CIM | Chartered Managers Canada values education that empowers students to develop their skills and grow into confident and competent managers and business leaders. The Quebec Chapter has specifically partnered with a number of post-secondary institutions throughout the province to ensure that they offer programs that meet the requirements of the Chartered Manager Program (CMP) so students can become eligible for our management designations upon completing their program. If you are looking at post-secondary programs in Quebec to advance your career in management, consider these programs to help you obtain our C.I.M. and C.Mgr. designations.

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Chapter Overview

The Quebec Chapter of the Canadian Institute of Management is our major presence in the Province of Quebec.

Contact Information

Canadian Institute of Management
311 – 80 Bradford Street,
Barrie, ON, L4N 6S7
Fax: 705-725-8196

Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr.
Chief Executive Officer

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