Testimonials (Corporate)

"The CIM | Chartered Managers Canada has provided me with the opportunity to grow as an individual and excel as a manager."
Nancy Aiello, C.I.M., C.Mgr.
"Through CIM | Chartered Managers Canada, I have truly honed my networking, presentation, and strategic thinking skills and have excelled in the corporate world. I would recommend being a part of CIM for anyone who wants to get on the fast track to career success!"
Ashley Karpowicz, C.I.M.
"Since obtaining the professional designation, I network with a number of professional managers in various Provinces and benefit from their individual expertise. I am able to convey to other professionals and frontline staff, many of the management skills I gained after obtaining this designation."
Peter P. Fernandes, C.Mgr.
"Having a nationally recognized professional designation along with ongoing opportunities to network with other managers has been a huge benefit as I grow my business."
Clayton McPherson, C.I.M., C.Mgr.
"C.Mgr. represents the culmination of my experience and education into one internationally recognized credential in management."
Dr. Matthew Jelavic, C.Mgr.

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